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Wait…what is that? Is it a bird? Is it a plane?
Nah, it’s Jeremy Conrad; super citizen, para-glide pilot and instructor! aka @evergreenconrad

Here at #HoneyShareMedia, we have been so stoked about snagging a few moments with Jeremy to talk about para-gliding and flying bears. Because TBH… well, I’m a bear and I wanna fly! But I’m absolutely a cub when it comes to adventurous things like this…

Luckily, Jeremy is an experienced para-glider and he gave us the sweet stuff on the world flying above the San Bernardino Mountains.



Who is Jeremy Conrad?

A local freestyle and tandem instructor paragliding pilot.
I moved to beautiful Lake Arrowhead in 2011 and absolutely in love with the area!
Originally from the Midwest; also spent 10 years in the Colorado mountains.
I also enjoy wake boarding / wake surfing / dirt biking / snowboarding.
I am a husband and father of two great kids; plus a grandfather of one adorable grandson!

Tell us how you got into flying…

In Colorado, I lived across the street from paragliding site. I would always watch them in awe! Once I moved to Lake arrowhead, I took up paragliding pretty much immediately. I was lucky enough to meet a guy who ended up being my instructor and great friend right when I moved here.

Favorite location to fly? Why?

Crestline, CA:
– Consistently excellent flying conditions
– 10 minutes from home
– Most days I am able to land where I took off from making it super convenient.
– A great group of local flying buddies.

If you could choose anywhere in the world, where would you fly?

Oludeniz , Turkey

How has feared played into the process of learning to fly, teach others, etc?

I was borderline scared of heights which I quickly got over from the confidence given to me from my instructor. Most of my tandem students get over the fear the moment we leave the ground.

How does someone get started?

We have several local instructors that will take you from day 1 to advanced Pilot ratings.
I would recommend to go take a tandem if your at all interested so you can check it out 1st hand.

This moment is yours…in a tweet-sized fashion, tell us anything and everything you want:

Come check our Paragliding Launch spot  this Sunday Sept 29th at 3pm
900 Playground Dr., Crestline, CA.
There will be several local pilots to answer questions and hang out with and you can come see 1st hand where we take off from!

Offer has expired. Check in with @honeysharemedia or @evergreenconrad for more information on paragliding.

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