The HoneyShare team races the Covid clock to digitally transform Big Bear businesses to be better prepared for today, tomorrow and the future.


Throughout history, the sale of goods has relied on brick and mortar. However, a new era is upon us. The internet has changed it all and this pandemic has made this more real than possibly ever.

Which is why we are going to work with you. Anything from social distancing to money issues, we will work it out with you, but taking action now will allow us to kick this pandemic to the side of unfortunate history.

It’s no secret we are new to Big Bear, but the entire purpose of “Honey” “Share” is to spread the love by becoming a part of an already great community and helping in the best way we know how: Digital.

This is more than just animated videos and Wheel of Honey games.

We are talking about making sure you are not only set up with the absolute best online presence, but also, developing scalability with what we like to call “online automation”.

Definition: online automation – the technology by which a process or procedure is performed with minimal human assistance.

It sounds scary, but we promise it’s not. We make sure of that by walking you through everything step-by-step with an end goal of you understanding it as much as you desire.

Or, hands-off owners: We pride ourselves in being the digital do-it-all handyman and are able to happily remove the burden and make sure you only know as much as you want to know.

We are going to be completely transparent and tell you that we had different plans than this.

But, the hard truth is: those plans don’t fit into our near future.

This situation has really made us take a closer look at ourselves and figure out exactly what is the best way to kick things off with HoneyShare Media in the area.

Our answer: figure out a way to make businesses pandemic-proof.

We’ve been working around the clock. We have the answer. We know how to do it and we are excited to work with you.

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We are a new media brand promoting Big Bear Lake, CA and the surrounding mountain communities.

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