December 18, 2019


Top 10 Highest Peaks Of The San Bernardino Mountains

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Tallest: San Gorgonio Mountain is 11,489 feet in elevation.

Jepson Peak is at 11,205 feet in elevation.

Bighorn Mountain Peak is at 10,997 feet.

Dragons Head sits at 10,866 feet.

Anderson Peak is 10,840 feet in elevation.

Charlton Peak is 34 feet under that at 10,840 feet.

San Bernardino East Peak is 10,691 feet above sea level.

Shields Peak is 11 feet less than that at 10,680 feet.

San Bernardino Peak sits at 10,649 feet.

Least highest peak of the top 10 highest mountain peaks is the Alto Diablo at 10,563 feet – almost a full thousand feet shorter than the San Gorgonio Mountain Peak and almost 5,000 feet taller than Mount Rushmore (which is 5,725 feet).

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